China high quality Reclining Camping Chair with Removable Footrest Lounge Chair with Headrest vacuum pump and compressor

Product Description

Product Description

Color Blue
Product Dimensions 61.41″D x 22.04″W x 28.47″H
Back Style Solid Back
Special Feature Ergonomic, Arm, Cushion Availability
Product Care Instructions Wipe Clean
Recommended Uses For Product Camping
Maximum Weight Recommendation 120 Kilograms
Pattern Solid
Room Type Patio Garden
Age Range (Description) Adult
Included Components Carry Bag
Shape Rectangular
Surface Recommendation Hard Floor
Furniture base movement Glide
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor
Form Factor Foldable
Furniture Finish Stainless Steel
Is Foldable Yes
Number of Cup Holders 2
Number of Height Positions 4
Item Weight 12.12 pounds
Manufacturer POEPORE

About this item

  • OVERSIZED & COMFORTABLESeat Width: 24.5″; Seat Height: 19.3″; Back Height: 43.2″ ; Weight: 11.2 lbs; Oversized comfortable camping chair provides spacious seating, allowing you to relax and unwind in maximum comfort. The larger dimensions provide CHINAMFG room to stretch out and find your preferred seating position, whether you want to sit upright or recline.
  • ADJUSTABLE LUMBAR SUPPORT Designed with a focus on ergonomics, the camping chairs features adjustable lumbar support to promote proper posture and relieve pressure on the back, ensure comfort and reduced strain during camping or outdoor activities.
  • ADJUSTABLE ARMREST By adjusting the oversized camping chairs’s armrests to the perfect position, users can achieve a more relaxing and ergonomic seating experience, reducing muscle tension and fatigue, providing customized support and comfort during camping or outdoor activities.
  • SUPPORT TO 400LBSThe heavy steel frame foldable camping chair is designed to support 400LBS has excellent stability, allowing you to sit comfortably without worrying about the chair collapsing or tipping over.
  • 600D DOUBLE OXFORD FABRICOur camp chair are made of 600D double oxford fabric; It is highly resistant to tear and wear, which ensures that the fabric retains its integrity and appearance even after prolonged use.
  • FILLING COTTONThe filling cotton of the compact camping chair seat provides cushioning and support, giving you a comfortable seating experience. Whether you’re sitting around a campfire, enjoying a picnic, or lounging on the park, folding camping chairs will keep you relaxed and comfortable.
  • POP-UP DESIGNThe pop-up and folding design of folding camp chair makes it highly portable and space-saving. Heavy duty camping chairs can be easily packed into a compact size, making it ideal for camping trips, picnics, outdoor events, or even for storage in small spaces.

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Material: Aluminum Alloy
Type: Single
Style: Moon Style
US$ 10/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Can aluminum lounge chairs be customized in terms of color or finish?

Yes, aluminum lounge chairs can be customized in terms of color or finish. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Color Options:

Aluminum lounge chairs offer a variety of color options for customization. While the natural color of aluminum is silver-gray, many manufacturers provide additional choices to suit different design preferences. These color options are often achieved through powder coating or painting processes. Powder coating involves applying a dry powder to the aluminum surface and then curing it to create a durable and attractive finish. Painting, on the other hand, involves the application of liquid paint to the chairs.


Aluminum lounge chairs can also be customized in terms of finishes. Different finishes provide various visual effects and textures. Some common finishes for aluminum lounge chairs include matte, gloss, textured, or metallic finishes. These finishes can enhance the appearance of the chairs and complement the overall aesthetic of your space.

Customization Options:

When purchasing aluminum lounge chairs, you may have the option to choose from a range of standard color and finish options offered by the manufacturer. These options are often listed in product catalogs or on the manufacturer’s website. Depending on the brand and model, you may be able to select from a predefined set of colors and finishes that are available for that particular chair.

Custom Orders:

In some cases, manufacturers or retailers may offer custom orders for aluminum lounge chairs. This allows you to specify your desired color or finish, beyond the standard options. Custom orders may involve additional costs and longer lead times, as the chairs will be specially manufactured to meet your specific preferences.

Professional Services:

If you have specific color or finish requirements for your aluminum lounge chairs, but custom ordering is not available or feasible, you may consider consulting professional services. There are companies that specialize in refinishing or repainting aluminum furniture. These professionals can help you achieve the desired color or finish for your chairs through specialized techniques and high-quality coatings.


When customizing the color or finish of aluminum lounge chairs, it’s important to consider factors such as durability, maintenance, and compatibility with the chair’s material. Powder coating or high-quality paint finishes are generally more durable and resistant to fading, chipping, or peeling. Additionally, different colors or finishes may require specific cleaning or maintenance methods to preserve their appearance over time.


Aluminum lounge chairs can be customized in terms of color or finish, providing you with options to match your personal style and the overall aesthetic of your space. Whether choosing from standard options or exploring custom orders or professional services, customizing the color or finish of aluminum lounge chairs allows you to create a personalized seating solution that meets your design preferences.

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Do aluminum lounge chairs come with warranties, and what do they typically cover?

Yes, aluminum lounge chairs often come with warranties that vary depending on the manufacturer and retailer. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Warranty Coverage:

Warranty coverage for aluminum lounge chairs can vary, but they typically cover manufacturing defects and structural integrity. The specific terms and conditions of the warranty will be outlined by the manufacturer or retailer. Here are some common areas that may be covered:

  • Structural Integrity: The warranty may cover any defects or issues related to the frame, joints, or overall structural stability of the aluminum lounge chair.
  • Finishes and Coatings: Some warranties may cover the finishes and coatings applied to the aluminum surface, ensuring they remain intact and free from peeling, chipping, or fading under normal use.
  • Workmanship: The warranty may cover any defects or errors in the manufacturing process, such as faulty welds or poor craftsmanship.

Warranty Duration:

The duration of warranties for aluminum lounge chairs can vary. Some manufacturers or retailers offer limited warranties that last for a specific period, typically ranging from one to five years. Other warranties may have longer durations or offer extended warranty options for an additional cost. It’s important to review the specific terms and duration of the warranty provided by the manufacturer or retailer before making a purchase.

Exclusions and Limitations:

Warranties for aluminum lounge chairs may have certain exclusions and limitations. Here are some common examples:

  • Normal wear and tear: Warranties typically do not cover damage resulting from normal use, such as minor scratches, dents, or fading due to exposure to sunlight.
  • Misuse or abuse: Any damage caused by misuse, abuse, or improper maintenance may not be covered by the warranty.
  • Modifications or alterations: If the aluminum lounge chair has been modified or altered in any way, the warranty may be voided.
  • Commercial use: Some warranties are limited to residential use only and may not cover chairs used in commercial or institutional settings.

Warranty Claim Process:

If you encounter an issue covered by the warranty, you will typically need to follow a specific claim process provided by the manufacturer or retailer. This may involve contacting customer service, providing proof of purchase, and providing documentation or evidence of the issue. The manufacturer or retailer will then assess the claim and determine the appropriate course of action, which may include repair, replacement, or refund.

It’s important to carefully review the warranty terms and conditions for the specific aluminum lounge chair you are considering purchasing. Understanding the warranty coverage and any limitations or exclusions will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you can take advantage of the warranty if any issues arise with your aluminum lounge chair.

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Can aluminum lounge chairs be easily folded for storage during the off-season?

Yes, aluminum lounge chairs can often be easily folded for storage during the off-season. Here’s a detailed explanation:

One of the advantages of aluminum lounge chairs is their lightweight and collapsible nature, which makes them convenient for storage when not in use. While the specific folding mechanism may vary between different models and brands, most aluminum lounge chairs are designed with foldable features that allow for compact storage.

Foldable Frame: Aluminum lounge chairs typically have a foldable frame that enables them to be collapsed into a more compact size. This foldable design often involves hinged joints or pivot points that allow the chair to be easily folded or unfolded as needed. The folding mechanism may involve a simple folding action, such as folding the backrest down onto the seat, or a more complex folding system that allows the chair to be completely collapsed for storage.

Locking Mechanism: Some aluminum lounge chairs have a locking mechanism that keeps the chair securely folded during storage. This mechanism helps prevent accidental unfolding and ensures that the chair remains in its folded position until it is intentionally unfolded. The locking mechanism may involve a latch, a hook, or a similar mechanism that holds the folded chair together.

Portability: Aluminum lounge chairs are generally lightweight and easy to move, which adds to their convenience for storage. When folded, they can be carried or transported more easily, allowing you to store them in a designated storage area, such as a shed, garage, or closet. The portability of aluminum lounge chairs makes it convenient to bring them out for use when the season changes or when you have guests over.

It’s important to note that while most aluminum lounge chairs can be folded for storage, the specific folding mechanism and ease of folding may vary between different models. Some chairs may have a more straightforward folding process, while others may require more steps or adjustments. It’s recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or guidelines for the proper folding and storage procedures specific to your aluminum lounge chair.

When folding and storing aluminum lounge chairs, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure the chair is clean and dry before folding it to prevent moisture or dirt buildup during storage.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct folding procedure to avoid any damage to the chair.
  • Store the folded chairs in a dry and protected area to prevent exposure to harsh weather conditions.
  • If possible, stack or store the folded chairs in a way that minimizes the risk of them getting damaged or scratched.
  • Regularly inspect the folding mechanisms and locking mechanisms to ensure they are in good working condition.

By following these guidelines and taking proper care when folding and storing aluminum lounge chairs, you can maximize their lifespan and keep them in good condition for future use.

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